About Us

Our History

Beginning in 1941, Camp Subiaco began as a two weeks of “boy style” fun, such as fishing, camping, hiking, exploring, and sports. The scenic mountains, beautiful woods, and sparkling lakes surrounding the campus of Subiaco Abbey and Academy are part of the advantage Camp Subiaco has for creating outdoor adventures like no other. Today campers enjoy a typical day of hiking, fishing, and swimming in the morning, followed by archery, go-karts, riflery, team sports, and excursions to the nearby lakes. In the evening there is time to relax and unwind and then comes evening prayers and lights out to prepare for new adventures the next morning.

The monks of Subiaco Abbey were the counselors, comforters, advice or encouragement givers, nurses, and spiritual influence to the boys who attended Camp Subiaco in the early days. In 1952 boys from ages 9-15 could attend for one or two week sessions during the month of July. By 1973, under the direction of Fr. Stephen Eckart, Camp Subiaco had moved to the month of June and was splitting its session by ages; week one for boys 7-11 years and week 2 for 12-14 year olds.

The summer of 1991 was a new era in Camp Subiaco. It was at that Alumni Reunion that Abbot Jerome announced that 1991 would be the last year of Camp Subiaco. Pat Franz ’78 then asked for other Alumni who might be available to attend that summer to help and learn about the operation of the Camp. A motion would later be made and passed, that the Alumni Association would propose to take on the operation and financial responsibility of the Camp. Some of the Alumni present were Joe Darr ’78, Pat Weaver ’76, Joe Weaver ’78, and Pat Costello ’64. The monks had served as directors and counselors with help from Subiaco Academy alumni up until this time and were looking to turn the tables. Pat Weaver ’76 became Camp Director that first year with the help of Brother Jude and Michael Williams ’75. Later, Phil Sontag ’76 came to help and took on the role of Assistant Camp Director. In 2000, Pat Franz ’78 would become Camp Director assisted by Michael Mangione ’81 who served as the Camp Coordinator/Webmaster. In 2005, Gerhart Thompson ’81 came aboard to take on the role of Camp Coordinator/Webmaster and held these roles until late 2022.

Many of these participating alumni were former campers and are fathers or grandfathers themselves now, continuing the tradition of Camp Subiaco to the next generations. A number of Subiaco monks continue to help assist with Camp Subiaco and provide the spiritual presence for many young boys.

Each year, a number of alumni, monks, and other members of the community come together to host something truly worthy of the Subiaco name, and a summer camp like no other.

Our Staff

Our Staff is comprised of Subiaco Academy Alumni and specially selected fathers who volunteer their time and travel from other states to operate the camp during our two week session. We also receive invaluable support and assistance from the Benedictine Monks of Subiaco Abbey.

Many of the Subiaco Academy Alumni, wives, and their family members have donated countless hours and time to help run our camp for two weeks. To run camp for two weeks it requires more than 35 volunteers per week.

We are fortunate to have a certified and trained Nurse on hand while camp is in session. Our Division Leaders, Counselors and CITs are trained in First Aid and CPR, and we have trained life guards on duty during pool hours.

Additionally, our counselors receive an annual review and training in Virtus® in accordance with the Catholic Archdiocese of Little Rock.